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Gothla 2022
Gothla 2022


Started on Livejournal back in 2006, Gothla UK, now in its 14th year is a dark and gothic fusion festival, based on Traditional, as well as Fusion Bellydance, but featuring alternative skills such as marital arts, hula hoop, poi, costume making, stage make up and other crafts.


We are proud to have built a community based on trust, diversity and inclusion and have hosted many teachers from around the globe to bring the very best and push the envelope!


Our classes range from beginners to professional standard, so there is something for every level, and we offer drumming and non-dance classes for partners and/or non-dancers.


The showcase on Friday night kicks off our weekend in style and has inspired many students for over a decade to work harder and smarter.


The open stage is an inclusive opportunity and safe environment for students to showcase their skill as well an opportunity for us to scout for up and coming talent.


We also have a souk displaying some of the UK’s finest Fusion Crafts; our Gothla UK fashion show is famous and a MUST; usually featuring items from the Pussy Tat stall in aid of the Cats Protection League.



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